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Wyldewood | 12oz Coffee Bag

Grind Size Whole Bean
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We are proud to bring around a new bean (finally). Joel at Yellow Rooster helped us pick this one out and we are glad he did! This coffee from producer German Carranza Barboza produces a super smooth cup with a medium body. The first sip has hints of honey and a warm, black cherry-like acidity. My personal favorite part is the complex nutty finish that tastes similar to walnuts.

This coffee is a great daily driver and makes a mean pour over. This one also gave our current espresso choice a run for their money. I dare you to find an extraction method that doesn't work with this bag.

The artist featured for this bag is an exciting one. Award-winning fantasy artist, Joey Ro, reached out to us and put this amazing illustration together. Go check out their work and support what they're doing. For every bag purchased, we also donate a $1 to the artist. 


Learn more about the coffee here:

Tasting Notes: Walnut, Black Cherry, Honey

Origin: Gracias A Dios, Amazonas, Perú

Varietal: Marsellesa, Bourbon, Castillo

Process: Washed

Roast Level: Light-Medium 

Recommended For: Anything!


Artist: Joey Ro